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Beginning Your Cursillo Journey


Each weekend runs Thursday early evening and concludes Sunday night. Men’s and women’s weekends are held separately in the spring and fall.  The weekend includes morning and evening prayer, Mass, reconciliation, talks given by religious and laypeople and group discussions. 


Thursday Evening

This is a time to get to know each other and to have an overview of the Cursillo Weekend.  This is also the retreat phase of the Cursillo Weekend, which is designed "To awaken the moral consciences of the participants, beginning with an analysis of their own lives and causing them to desire to encounter God."  The retreat phase (done in silence and ends Friday morning after Mass) includes three meditations 1) Know Yourself  2) The Prodigal Son and 3) The Three Glances of Christ.



The focus of Friday is to help each participant gain a better understanding of themselves. Friday helps each participant discover what motivates them in different situations. 



The focus for Saturday combines the fully realized self (that they learned about Friday) with our wonderful and loving God. Saturday helps the participants understand the current relationship they have with God and presents methods to create a desire for a still deeper and fuller relationship with Jesus Christ.



The focus for Sunday is the understanding of ourselves, our relationship with God, and how we can help Him in fulfilling His Will.  Sunday focuses on the environments we frequent and how we can affect those environments for God's greater good.



Application to begin your Cursillo Journey


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