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History and Purpose of Cursillo

The full name of Cursillo is Cursillo de Cristiandad. The word "cursillo" means short course. The full name translates into English as "a short course in Christian living."

Cursillo, which started in Majorca, Spain in the 1940's, is a movement within the Catholic Church. The founders were dedicated to helping Catholics know Christ better. The intention, then and now, is to give participants a renewed spirituality and a clearer understanding of how Christ can work through them to change the environments in which they live.

The Cursillo Movement came to the United States in 1957. That first weekend was held in Texas and was conducted in Spanish.

The Cursillo Movement and its method are endorsed and highly encouraged by the Catholic Church.

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What Does De Colores Mean? 

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De Colores! 


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(pronounced *day cuh-lor'-ess*)


This is a greeting from the Spanish song of the same name.

In Spanish, it simply means "the colors".


It's also the name of a song traditionally sung on Cursillo weekends that praises the beauty of the diversity and simplicity of God's creation.


"De Colores" has also come to be used as a greeting among cursillistas who are on a faith journey. One where before Cursillo the world was all in black and white.


Now, with Christ and through Cursillo, the world is all in color.  

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